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T2 Labs enables hospital labs to add a COVID-19, at-home testing eCommerce platform with next to no effort through our turn-key, end-to-end lab solutions where we provide test kits, instrumentation, consumables, workflows, and skilled technicians. We also provide supplies to ensure existing labs are equipped with the necessary resources to continue functioning at high speeds.

Our white-label eCommerce platform gives organizations the ability to capture a valuable, growing market while keeping their labs operating at maximum capacity. We have access to everything needed to get your hospital lab running efficiently and smoothly, equipping it with essential resources in the shortest amount of time possible.

Leveraging our methodologies, we can optimize how lab technicians operate, while oversight is provided by principals for high-level management to ensure project milestones are met and align with budget and quality. Our services allow labs to reduce turnaround times for COVID-19 testing and enable rapid care of patients without significant impact on resources and workload.

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We have an ample supply of test kits and can support your organization's needs.

T2 Labs is a Practice within T2 Group.

T2 Group delivers business solutions across all industries with practice areas offering solutions in technology consulting, project management, clinical lab testing, workforce augmentation, and more, in industries ranging from healthcare, finance, insurance, pharmacy, education, and government.

We champion a customer-first mentality.  We support these efforts by empowering our team to provide the best service for your business. We’re T2. Solutions Realized.