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New Book by T2

In our new book, Getting the Job Done, we look at the P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S. framework letter by letter. Drawing on T2’s case studies and the 40 years of experience of our founder Kevin Torf, we offer constructive, bite-size hints that can help at any stage of your project, from pre-planning to the after-action review.

New revenue opportunities.

Your Lab. Powered by T2.

We support hospitals by developing and marketing an eCommerce platform to connect with local communities and keep them safe with convenient, cost-effective self-test @home specimen collection kits for COVID-19. We customize the consumer-facing portal to reflect your branding so your patients, whether organizations or individuals, know their testing comes through you.

  • New revenue stream for hospitals impacted by the pandemic
  • Custom branded storefront for @home testing kits
  • Includes marketing support and awareness campaigns
  • Additional test kits and medical devices to come


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Modernize your lab infrastructure.

End-to-End Lab Consulting

Our full-service solution helps modernize your lab infrastructure to reduce turnaround time for critical testing and positively impact patient care.

  • Readily available COVID-19 Test Kits – FDA EUA approved 
  • Reliable supply of reagents and consumables
  • Providing complete workflow and financial viability assessment
  • Rapid access to automation and instrumentation
  • Vendor selection & supply chain management support
  • Governance and regulatory compliance
  • EMR interface and integrations
  • Staff augmentation
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Just need kits?

Testing Kits with Guidance

To meet the demand for all organizations attempting to function during the pandemic, we offer an ample supply of assay. Our test is a molecular diagnosis through a one-step reverse transcription real-time PCR Kit designed to detect Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its variants.

  • Detects variants (mutation of spike gene)
  • 100% specificity with automation on multiple platforms
  • Average 90-120 minutes for detection and test results
  • FDA EUA approved
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Why T2 Labs?

Whether you oversee a hospital laboratory, educational institution, or other independent labs, upgrading your infrastructure is a difficult process.

T2 Labs can deliver high quantities of available test kits or a full, turn-key solution that delivers the oversight, instrumentation, resources, reagents, and results required for critical testing operation. We support you where support is needed with staff augmentation of lab certified, licensed technicians with expertise in delivering COVID-19 testing operations.

Through these combined capabilities, we set out to transform COVID-19 testing operations into a positive rate of return — delivering immediate value to Healthcare Consultant organizations with both short- and long-term testing solutions.

Does Your Hospital Need New Revenue Opportunities?

Rapid, at-home testing is key for organizations looking to reopen safely. Now, your hospital can help them get it through its own branded store through T2 Labs eCommerce.

Add COVID-19 Testing with Minimal Effort

The ability to build the necessary protocols and workflows is critical in the productivity and efficiency of a clinical lab. Our lean methodologies have been practiced for years to optimize how technicians operate within the lab and will help you understand the effort required for a successful lab environment. 

Reduce Turnaround Times and Focus on Rapid Care

Having a stable and consistent supply of assay, quality instrumentation, and the necessary consumables are critical to meet the high demands of testing. T2 Labs has access to everything needed to get your hospital lab running efficiently and equipped with the essential resources in the quickest amount of time possible.

Staff Augmentation

With COVID-19 cases putting a strain on most healthcare organizations and labs, you’ll need well-trained, certified, and trusted experts and technicians to augment your staff. T2 Labs will provide a Laboratory Operations specialist, who will assist in managing procurement, installation, setup, workflow, clinical validation, planning, communication, and stakeholder engagement. Oversight will be provided by principals for high-level management to ensure project milestones are met and align with budget and quality.

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Providing the Tools & Resources Needed

COVID-19 has shifted the way laboratories operate, and it is essential to partner with consultants that have the experience to drive necessary change. T2 Labs will work with your institution to determine proper equipment, methodologies, and interfaces to use for setting up in-house PCR and Antibody testing.

Our white-label eCommerce platform gives your organization the ability to capture a valuable, growing market and keep your labs operating at maximum capacity.

Whether your Hospital needs immediate testing kits or seeking to revamp its lab environment for higher throughput and faster turnaround times, T2 Labs is your partner to ensure that your Results are Realized.


Ready for a Turnkey COVID-19 Testing Solution?

Contact our team at T2 Labs and get testing now.